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G1 Pony Repair

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Read about my process for repairs!

Generation 1 or G1 as they're commonly known as are some of the first run of the plastic pony toy line. They are notiably large and are usually made with a softer plastic. 

Over the years the pony can become faded or may suffer some damage like an over eager sibling wanting to start a hair salon or a tattoo parlor. 

Some damage is irreversable but I can offer services to do some mild repair for collection purposes or to breathe new life into a toy. 

Some damage I can't fix:

  • Chewed ears or legs
  • Missing limbs.
  • Missing crystal eyes
  • Fairy Wing Replacement 


What each of the options mean: 

Pony Name: Refer to this list to find the name of the original model if you don't know off the bat. or this cutie mark/color reference


Re-Root Mane: depending on need I will fill in plugs that have been pulled out. Some damage requires that I pull out all mane plugs and replace it with new hair. I use closely matching color if it's still available from Dollyhair who gets it from the company who produces the hair for MLP. 


Replace Tail: Tails are a bit more intense and can require that I cut some of the pony or take it apart to access pulling out the old tail. I will then replace it with closely or matching color if available from Dollyhair. 


Cutie Mark: Smudged, faded or even missing cutie marks are repainted to match the original as close as possible. the process involves cleaning the old cutiemark off and using an airbrush and stencil to restore the paint. 


Repaint Face: Blush, eyes, freckles or face marks can fade, smudge or wipe off. Blush is restored via light airbrushing. Facemarks with stencil and airbrush. Eyes are usually handpainted with guides. 


Body Repaint: Since the plastic is dyed getting a true re-color is impossible. This process I clean the pony and airbrush paint the whole body or parts if I manage to match the dye color. This gives it a different texture and is not the same as the original toy. (Not ideal for hard-core collectors). 


Process for repairs can be intense and may make the collection/resell value less than normal. Please understand the risks before requesting this service.