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About Us

Welcome to Modesty's Custom Ponies!

I am a BigCommerce employee and this is my test store for BigCommerce. While I have made custom ponies these are not really for sale. ;)


We are a team of one artist and her morally supportive cat. I grew up with My Little Ponies and they have been a staple in my life. They have been used as training incentive, gifts and now an art form. I discovered the wonderful world of Custom Ponies in 2010. 

It's my joy and pleasure to share personalized ponies with others, especially with the Renaissance of My Little Ponies that started with Friendship is Magic.

 Note: All ponies are created with love but also products that could be harmful if injested. I strongly recommend not having a custom pony around little ones who like to explore with their mouth. These products are recommended for humans aged 7 and up. I do offer stuffed animal ponies for younger audiences.